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Roadside RV stop - Straits

What’s not to love about RVing around the Great Lakes in the summertime? That’s what I found out during the summer of 2011!

There’s much more to come, as I’m redesigning this special Michigan Miles site so I can collect comments, suggestions, answer questions, and hear about your own experiences.  In the meantime, I have links to some of the original pages on Malia’s Miles on some of the new pages here.

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Button - Please Share I’d love to hear all the tips and feedback you have on this beautiful state and its state parks, so please share! Comment on any page or email me at MaliasRV AT MichiganMiles . com (remove spaces and replace the AT with @.  As you can tell, I’m trying to beat the spam bots.) I’ve had to remove Contact Me page since the amount of spam I got at this address was ridiculous.


My initial decision to spend the summer of 2011 in Michigan was to meet my virtual assistant business clients. After all, they’re the ones that make it possible for me to support my travel habit!

But once I started looking at all there was to see and do in this beautiful state, I was amazed I hadn’t thought of it before. I set a pretty ambitious schedule, starting on the northeast coast, worked my way north, into the U.P., over to the Porkies, and back down the west side. Although I changed the return itinerary after the Porkies, here’s a link to the planned map of my entire trip.  I’ll be updating this when I’m through with all the other pages of where I actually went.

Press Coverage During My Trip:
Button - Press ReleasesDNR press release: “Texas Woman Goes Solo in her RV at Michigan State Parks

UpNorthLive.com (Traverse City local ABC news station) did an interview that’s now on YouTube – “RV Woman Takes on Michigan

Petoskey News Review: “Texas Woman Makes Petoskey Stop in Her RVing Life

Outdoor Hub: “Living the Dream as a Fulltime RVer

Public Pictures on Facebook:
Button - FacebookEven though I haven’t competed all formal website pages, I posted pictures and descriptions regularly to Facebook so my family and friends could keep up. These pages are all public, so you won’t need a Facebook account to see them. If I do say so myself, some of the pictures are amazing, but then with this subject matter, how can you help it!
Upper Peninsula:

Indian Lake State Park
Grand Hotel
McLain State Park
McLain State Park – Lake Superior Wild (YouTube)
Pictured Rocks (Munising)

West Coast:

Petoskey State Park
Harbor Springs
Tunnel of Trees (Harbor Springs)
Traverse City State Park Fall Festival
Sleeping Bear Dunes
Van Buren State Park

Porcupine Mountains:

Porcupine Mountains
Porcupine Mountains Music Festival (photos)
Porcupine Mountains Music Festival (YouTube)
Rainbow on Lake Superior
Union Bay Campground
Union Bay – Windy Day (YouTube)
Bond Falls
Greenstone Falls
Lightening on Lake Superior
Presque Isle
Summit Peak Hike
Overlooked Fall






I'd love to hear your own experiences about places I've been - and what you think are "must-sees" - and I really value any suggestions and feedback from readers, so please let me have your 2 cents in Comments below:

  • littleflattery

    Test One Two.Can you hear me now?

  • littleflattery

    The RSS feed looks great!How do you find the time?

    • LOL – I’ve got someone who helped me figure all that out.  It’s actually pretty much automated…  🙂

  • You are doing a wonderful job of letting people know just how beautiful Michigan is.   Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Helen – you’re a great resource to me, too!

  • Malia,
              Page after page of great reading. Accurate descriptions that are a great help to anyone that wants to visit Michigan.

    • Music to my ears, Dennis! That’s exactly why I started this site – to be a good resource, especially for RVers with their special considerations – and to highlight the great MI state parks. I appreciate the encouragement – thanks so much!

  • I love this site! Thank you for all of your help while I was trying to make reservations in the UP for August. The pics of the sites were very helpful!

    •  So glad to hear that Krista!  Isn’t the U.P. amazing?

  • Shelley

    thanks for this great site!!! Will definitely be checking back often for updates!

    • Hey, Shelley, I appreciate your taking the time to comment and for your thanks – you are very welcome! I hope you will subscribe to the site either by getting email updates when I add new pages (the Subscribe box at the top of the right column) or by clicking the icon above that to set up an RSS feed. And thank you for the encouragement! Enjoy Indian Lake!

  • Rick. Rutel

    What perfect timing. We found your site through RV.Net and the information in it is great. We’re heading to Michigan this summer and can’t wait to see what you’re all raving about. All we need is parks that take 65′ rv’s.

    • That’s fantastic Rick – glad we found each other because I want to hear where you park your 65′ RV! 🙂 Seriously, are you thinking of private campgrounds (full hookups) or state parks (mostly electric only)? I hope you’ll let me know how your own trip goes. I sure did love mine!

      • Rick. Rutel

        We’re heading up from Florida. When possible, we try to use one of the discount programs like Passport, etc., to help save some money along the way. We primarily go for full hookup places with lots of room, since we piggyback our Smart Car on our truck and keep a motorcycle in the trailer. Everyone I have spoken to in the RV world that has had the opportunity to visit the Great Lakes region raves about it. I plan on using your site to help us decide where to go. Thanks.

        • There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy the Great Lakes and I’m glad you have so much time to explore. But I warn you, it’s never enough – there’s just so much to see. Can’t help you too much with full hookup parks since I only stayed at one near Marquette since I really love the state parks. Glad you’re going up to the U.P. and I agree with the guy on RV.net that said you shouldn’t miss Mackinac Island. Those were my favorite things that I say shouldn’t be missed if at all possible – Porcupine Mountains and Mackinac Island.

          I didn’t check out any full hookup parks when I was at Porcupine Mountains and I really think there is only one. Check out RV Park Reviews at http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/Michigan/Ontonagon.html

          You’ll have better luck for Mackinac Island as there are private parks in Mackinaw City. I heard a lot about Mill Creek Discovery Park – http://www.mightymac.org/millcreekpark.htm

          That and other Mackinaw City parks on RV Park Reviews: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/Michigan/Mackinaw_City.html

          Any questions that aren’t answered on the website, please feel free to ask!

  • Sandy Pelkey

    Hi malia first I wanted to say wow you sure are brave and I admire you for having courage to travel all over the world and I’m sure many of us woman who have befriended you are inspired by you to also find our courage .now to also tell thank you for your friendship on here and for making this site avlb to all of us so we can see more places we otherwise may not get to see. And for my husband and I to view the parks we are going to camp at. This year we will be camping at McClain state park site 84 and wondered if big ships pass through there? And also do you have a pic of site 84? Thanks again have a blessed day.

  • Millie

    I am originally from Cheboygan, Michigan. And a retired paralegal. I was wondering how you are making a living, on the road, as a temporary legal assistant and virtual assistant for lawyers around the country. Thought maybe I could incorporate your ideas from my Arizona home to make a little extra income…..Congrats to you, You are living MY dream….would like some insight as to how you can afford it…..Millie

    • Hi Millie! For the first few years I was on the road, I would stop at places I wanted to explore and got temp jobs at law offices, usually for secretaries on vacation or maternity leave. I printed out an introductory letter with a picture of me and my RV explaining what I was doing, along with my resume and some references. I would go to receptionist, hand it to her and asked that she give it to personnel manager and got their card so I could follow up. That always worked well, but in 2007 I was introduced to the idea of virtual assistance, was referred to a couple of attorneys and it’s blossomed since then. It’s a feast or famine situation sometimes, but it always works out somehow. Check out my virtual assistance website at http://www.abovethebarva.com and if you have any other questions, let me know. It’s not always easy getting clients especially when you’re first starting out, but you get nothing if you try nothing. 🙂