Sunsets from Union Bay Campground

The fact that you can easily walk right out to the lakefront from the campground with the incredibly interesting shoreline to witness the ever changing moods of Lake Superior made this my favorite campsite home ever.

Union Bay - me at shoreline

Here I am at my favorite spot – where I can feel the soothing waters of Lake Superior lapping at my feet.

Union Bay - Sunrise

I am sooo not an early morning riser, but I lucked out one morning when I woke up and saw a reddish tinge flooding my motorhome's bedroom.  So I simply rolled over in bed, looked outside my bedroom window and witnessed this beautiful sunrise.  Due to the unique location of the campground, you can see both the sunrise and sunset from the same shoreline – perfection!

Union Bay - Sunset 1

I saw many more sunsets than sunrises and enjoyed watching others marvel at the beauty here also.

Union Bay - Sunset 2

This one looked so bizarrely beautiful, friends who saw it wondered if I had Photoshopped it in some way.  Nope – that's just the natural beauty of this amazing place!

Union Bay - Sunset 3

The colors were dramatic and changed each night it seemed.  Sometimes orange tones…

Union Bay - Sunset 4

Other times pinkish tints ruled…

Union Bay - Sunset 5

I really liked this one where you could see the dark dramatic look at the bottom with the still bright blue skies above.

Union Bay - double rainbow

One evening the sunset show was preceded by a double rainbow event!

Short YouTube Video on one of my favorite wild and windy days at Union Bay!


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Union Bay Campground

Lightening on Lake Superior (taken right in front of my campsite)

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