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One of the things I most appreciated about the campground here is how up-close-and-personal you can get with the wondrous Lake Superior.  To me, the best kind of campsite involves views and sounds of water and this was one of my favorite places to stay ever – it had both the sights and the sounds of "Mother Superior" in all her moods and I definitely fell more in love with her here and with the Porpcupine Mountains in general.

Union Bay - Sites 1 & 2

Sites 1 and 2 – Although on the lake side of the campground, as you come across the first few sites, they are on a bluff with heavy vegetation between the site and the lake.

Union Bay - Site 7

Site 7 is still on a bluff and not level with the lake, but it's still one of the most popular sites.

Union Bay - Site 15

My friend Al stayed on this site and he said he liked it because it kind of felt like a corner site because of the vegetation that separates it from #16.  He also said that like on any lake site he's been on, you get people passing through your campsite to get to the water.  There are a couple of public pathways to get to the lakefront, but you know how that goes…

Union Bay - Sites 23 & 25

Heading further west along the lakefront sites.

Union Bay - Site 27 - Kmiecs

Meet Paul & Sandy from Wisconsin enjoying their site #27.  They said it takes them about 6 hours to get here from home and they always reserve lakefront sites because "if I can't get along the water, I'm not going to drive that far."  They prefer sites 18-29 and Sandy said, "This is why we come here – it's so much like an ocean.  You can see and hear the waves and you can't see any other land on the horizon."

They've been coming here twice a year since 2000, both in the spring and fall.  In springtime the "sun melts into the ocean.  This is the real deal – this is so special – there's nothing else like it.  We can camp in the woods year round – where else can you get such a view?  Not every day you can hear waves crash or lap at the shore while you sleep.  And you can see so many stars at night – we even saw the space station once."  Well said and I'm sold!

They also said they like the fact that the park doesn't attract a big party crowd, or at least there's no loud music and campers here seem respectful.

We wound up sharing a rainbow and one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen, but more on that later…

Union Bay - Site 29

Site 29 – the last RV site before the curve away from the lakefront.

Union Bay - Site 29 couple

Site 29 folks enjoying a glass of wine while waiting for their lakefront, el fresco meal to be ready.  What a life!

View of lake to west

One of my favorite views of the shoreline along the campground looking toward the west.  The colors and shapes of the rocks here were endlessly fascinating to me.

Shoreline by campground looking toward the east.


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Short YouTube video I did about a wonderful, windy day at Union Bay and how much I love Lake Superior!

Lightening on Lake Superior (taken right in front of my campsite)

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