Interior Sites – Union Bay

See Union Bay Campground page for general campground information and map showing locations of individual sites.

Following are pictures of the interior and perimeter campground sites.  See Lakefront Sites page for sites that front Lake Superior.

Union Bay - Site 32

Site 32 is one of the most popular interior sites because it's on the corner (next to the entrance to the Yurt), is large and more secluded than most.  Next door, Site 33, is another most requested interior site.

Union Bay - Site 38 - Playground

Rounding the corner, this shows the beginning of the farthest perimeter sites showing the vault toilet, the playground, and Site 38 where the motorhome is parked.

Union Bay Site 47 - row

This shows the entire row starting with Site 47.

Union Bay - Site 61

Another popular interior spot is Site 61 because it sets further back, offering a ilittle more privacy and shade.

Union Bay - Site 46 and bathhouse

Moving inward toward the lakefront sites, this shows the row with the bathhouse, showing Site 46 on the left, coming up to the bathhouse, which also has a small laundromat area (1 washer – 2 dryers).

Union Bay - Site 42

This shows the middle row and how campsites are on both sides of this island.

Union Bay - Site 84 row

Moving still farther toward the lakefront sites, this shows the row starting with Site 84

Union Bay - Site 76

Other than the electrical box on this site, Site 76 is nice, large, and you can even see the lake because of its location on the bluff.


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