Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Here’s an overview of all state park campgrounds at Tahquamenon Falls State Park and other tips for your visit.  (My dates of visit Aug. 5-12, 2011)

Rivermouth Campground - Sign (click for DNR website) Physical Address:
32130 W. South River Road; Paradise, MI 49768

Rivermouth: Modern Campground (Sites 1-72)
Rivermouth Pines – Semi-Modern/Rustic (Sites 101-136)


Lower Falls Sign (click for DNR website)Physical Address:
6999 N. Lower Campground Ln.; Paradise, MI 49768

Lower Falls (Modern): (click for DNR site)
Riversbend Campground (Sites 1-81)
Overlook Campground (Sites 101-188)
(Site map for both campgrounds)

Rivermouth Modern Campground:

(Sites 1 – 72)

When I asked friends and readers about the choice of staying at either Rivermouth or Lower Falls campground, almost unanimously I heard “Rivermouth.”  Main reason given was that it was more modern, has a larger sanitation station, and sites were more spacious. The camp hosts from Rivermouth said they think it’s quieter here because there is no public day use area and that large groups and families seem to frequent the Lower Falls loops more.  Link to my page about stay at Rivermouth coming soon.

Bathhouse & camp host site

Here you’re looking down the row that leads to the river with the campground host site (#45) on the left and the modern bathhouse on the right.

Rivermouth Pines – Semi-Modern/Rustic Campground:

(Sites 101-136)

Sites 101 & 102

The most requested sites here are 101 & 102.

Rivermouth Pines - Bench by river

Even if you’re staying on the modern side, don’t miss a stroll along the path and rest & reflection spots like this along the Tahquamenon River.

Lower Falls – Overlook Campground:

(Sites 101-188)

Some people call this campground “Upper Falls” – but there really is no campground at the Upper Falls. The Upper Falls trailhead is about 4 miles from these Lower Falls campgrounds.  Some 50 amp electric service, handicap accessible, and pull-through sites available.  Playground and modern restrooms in this loop.  The only sanitation station for both Overlook and Riversbend loops is located at the entrance to this loop across from the Park Office.

Overlook CG - Site 142 on left

Road scene with site 142 on the left.

Overlook CG - Site 158

Site 158. Comparing Riversbend and Overlook, I saw more big rigs at Overlook than I did at Riversbend.

Lower Falls – Riversbend Campground:

(Sites 1-81)

Some 50 amp electric service, handicap accessible, and pull-through sites available.  Playground and modern restrooms in this loop.  Sanitation station for this campground is about 1/2 mile away at entrance to Overlook Campground loop across from the Park Office.

Riversbend CG - entrance signs

The sites here are generally smaller and not as near the river.   However, you are closer to the paths that lead to the Lower Falls scenic area if you want to hike the path there (1 mile from campground).  And while they do have pull-throughs and I did see some larger motorhomes, the majority are smaller RVs, popups and tents.

Riversbend - Site 11 - river view

Some sites here do back up to the river.  This is the back of Site 11.


Location Issues:

Campground Map - 500 pxl(click for larger image)

Be sure to use the physical addresses of the campgrounds that are your destination instead of the address Garmin GPS and Microsoft Streets and Trips (2011) used of the Administration Office at 41382 M-123.  This is also the address listed on the DNR website.  If you were using this address heading north, you would have already passed up all campgrounds.

Since there are two modern campground locations at Tahquamenon Falls State Park (Rivermouth and Lower Falls) spaced about 15 miles apart, this can be an important issue in getting to the right destination with as little hassle as possible.

To compound the confusion, there are two campgrounds at the Lower Falls, one named “Riversbend” so there is sometimes confusion between it and “Rivermouth,” 15 miles away. And by the way, there is no campground at the Upper Falls.

I also noticed that when driving north or southbound on M-123, you see big signs saying “Entering Tahquamenon Falls State Park” about 3 miles before you see the entrance to Rivermouth. And especially when heading southbound, the actual entrance sign to the Rivermouth Campground is almost entirely obstructed by trees and the turn comes up really quickly past the sign with no other warning.

Anyway, this is all just to let you know to be sure you have correct directions and understand which campground you’re going to and where exactly it is.

And it’s certainly worth the trip!

Campground Button General Campground Information:
See info above about the different campgrounds, locations, etc.

Make a Reservation Online.  Campsites may be reserved up to 6 months in advance of arrival date.  Choose Campsite and then Selected Campground from dropdown menu.

Michigan’s Recreation Passport is necessary for entrance and/or camping here: FAQs

Reviews from other RVers:  RVParkReviews.com

hints-and-tips-icon Once I discovered that the little town of Paradise is very limited in its shopping and dining selections, I wished I had stocked up at the WalMart in Sault St. Marie before I got here.

But I really enjoyed breakfast a couple of times at the Berry Patch restaurant. They have a selection called “Lumber Jill” where you can get a taste of everything: eggs, hash browns, sausage patty, bacon, toast, a pancake and coffee – all for under $6.00! Plus I love it that you can get breakfast anytime of the day.

Stop at North Star Bakery on M-123 9 miles west of the Upper Falls or 13 miles northeast of Newberry.  I really enjoyed my visit with Paul and his specialty European sourdough bread was the best I ever had.

I also wished I had done my laundry because I was shocked to discover I had to drive over 40 miles to Newberry, and paid $3.00 to wash a small load of clothes! I was told there used to be a laundromat in Paradise, but they had to close it down due to the tannin in the water tinting the clothes instead of cleaning them.

Be sure to get gas either in Sault Ste. Marie or Newberry because it was at least 5 cents more expensive in Paradise.

Bring water shoes and mosquito repellant for hiking around the falls. It’s nice to be able to walk around a bit in the cooling waters and mosquitos were plentiful when I was there in August.

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