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Dates of Visit:  July 12-26, 2011


The Upper Campground include Sites 118-270 in two adjacent loops (northeast and northwest). This part was developed in the 1960's and there is a nice blend of more open and shady sites. Generally, the upper sites are longer, wider and better suited for big rigs. The sites on the northwest side are closer to I-75 but the layout of the sites are basically the same, however, there are more pull-throughs in the northeast side.  See next page for Lower Campground for pictures and info.

Straits State Park - Upper campground entrance

This view shows the entrance to the upper campground (northeast side) and the middle row of Sites 143-155.

As you can see, the roads are large enough, in good shape and easily manageable even for big rigs.

Straits State Park - Site 151 - Upper Campground

Here I am in Site 151. This is not a pull through due to the trees in the back, but I really liked the generous space on either side.

The trees to the side made me think I might not get my DirecTV satellite signal from my rooftop dish, but I managed to maneuver enough to find the "sweet spot."

The other thing I appreciated about this site is that it was so close to the shower facilities. And while I've always said one of the things I appreciate most about my RV is that I can always use my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed, this is the first time in 10 years I actually used a campground's shower facilities! When I checked out the bathhouse, I was not only impressed with how clean it was, but the shower stalls had vent windows and more light coming in than I usually see, so I had no problem using them – a real first for me and made it easier in that I didn't have to dump but one time after arrival even though I stayed here 2 weeks.

Straits State Park - Site 128 - Upper Campground

This shows the row looking toward the front of the campground. Here you see several pull-throughs and how large and long the sites are. Pretty sunsets were a bonus sometimes, too!

Straits State Park - Site 122 - Upper Campground

This long pullthrough is Site 122. I really liked this guy's antique tow vehicle!

 Straits State Park - Site 118 - Upper Campground

Dan was my down-the-road neighbor in Site 118. He said he really appreciated the large pull-throughs on this upper level campground.

I had to laugh when he said most people wouldn't like the site across the street from the dump station and trash cans, but he enjoyed it – said he's a natural "people-person" and people always stopped to talk when they were walking down the road to toss their trash and recyclables. And really, the dump is across the street from his large corner site and is buffered by a bank of trees, so he didn't notice any of the usual detriments from being near the dump.

He also said he really appreciates how clean the park is and how well maintained it is kept by the staff, with the grass mowed and trash emptied regularly. He also commented on how huge and "indestructible" the fire pits are. Dan is also a fulltimer and he doesn't mind boondocking on occasion, but this is his second return visit to this park because he likes the setup here.

Straits State Park - Site 268 - Upper Campground

Site #268 on the northwest side. This part of the loop backs up to a heavily wooded area but is more open on the sides.



I had absolutely no problems using my Verizon aircard for internet access and cell phone consistently had all 4 bars.




Readers have asked for short recaps of pros and cons about the parks I visit. I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won't have a problem with, and vice versa, but here goes:


The upper campground is very well laid out in order to accommodate large rigs, with a generous amount of long pull through sites.As with all MI state parks, there are no water hookups at the sites. The dumps are approachable from both sides, with potable water hookups at each end. What I just noticed here, though (and I think it's the same at other parks) is that even though there are two sides, there is still only one sewer outlet, so two people can't dump at the same time.
Fantastic views of Mackinac Bridge, the Straits and Lake Huron.

There were at least 3 nights while I was here where the wind was strong enough to make me worry about my awning. My neighbor told me he always puts his in at night here because you can never tell when it might whip up, so I followed that advice and pass it on.

Campground ButtonGeneral Campground and Reservations Information:

Modern showers, toilet facilities, 2 dump stations, playground, picnic area, trails, Mackinac Bridge viewing platform.

50 amp service: About 1/4 of the sites have 50 amp service, equally divided among upper and lower. There is a $2.00/night extra charge for these sites. 50 amp sites are outlined on the reservations site or you can call the park for more information on them.

Reservations information. All campsites are reservable up to 6 months in advance of arrival date. There is an $8.00 fee to make a reservation.

Michigan's Recreation Passport is necessary for entrance and/or camping here.

Reviews from other campers at RVParkReviews.com and StateParks.com


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