Straits State Park

Straits - sign720 Church Street
St. Ignace, MI 49781

Dates of Visit:  July 12-26, 2011
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Straits State Park is known for its fantastic views of the Mackinac Bridge and a great place to "boat-watch" the traffic going under the bridge on the Straits of Mackinac from several excellent viewpoints located around the park and both campground levels.

Straits - MackinacBridge view

View from the lower campground

With views like this, you can hang out at the campground all day to watch the changing moods of the water, skies and lights of the bridge come on in the evening.

Straits - bridge view - upper

Bridge from the viewing platform on the upper level. These stairs lead down to the lower campground – here you're looking at the back of those waterfront campsites.

Straits - Mackinac Bridge at dusk

This is the view from the lower campground as dusk falls and the lights of the bridge are turned on – quite a beautiful sight.

Wayne & Mackinac Bridge

The Park Supervisor, Wayne Burnett, made sure I didn't miss this viewpoint that you can get to by a quick and easy path from the upper campground. Thanks, Wayne!

It looked like you were directly in line with the bridge here and he told me there was a support beam here at one point during the bridge's construction. I really loved this view when it was getting dark and the bridge was lit up – it looked like you were right in its path as a landing strip – really great sight here!

2 centsMalia's 2 cents: I chose Straits State Park as my homebase to explore Mackinac Island as that was my main focus while in this area. But I heard from other neighbors who also visited Tahquamenon Falls and Sault St. Marie from here (both within 50 miles). I think this campground is a perfect homebase, not only because it's so convenient for so many things, but the campground itself is pleasant enough to enjoy just staying home and chilling out.

Also, to clarify another concern I heard from someone who hadn't been here yet, even though the park is located in St. Ignace (although not right downtown) and convenient to I-75, once you're in the park, you really don't feel like you're in town at all and I never heard any highway noise.

I also want to comment on the cleanliness of the park and efficiency of the staff here. As I said in my page on the Upper Campground, this is the first park where I ever used the campground showers. Even though they're older buildings, they were immaculately clean, well ventilated and the water pressure was great and hot water plentiful. At least 3 other campers I talked to also remarked on how clean the park is, how welcoming and friendly the staff are, and I think this reflects well on Wayne and the entire crew here. If you get the chance to visit here, be sure to pass on Malia's compliments and regards!


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