Proud Lake Recreation Area

Proud Lake Campground sign

  3500 Wixom Road
  Commerce Township, MI 48382

 (see notes below about address/directions issues)

  Phone:  248-685-2433

  Dates of Visit:  June 11-17, 2011


Proud Lake Recreation Area was on my list of parks to visit primarily because it was closest to my virtual assistant clients, but it turned out to be a nice stay for more than just that reason. The lush greenery was so welcome, especially coming from Texas where severe drought conditions had turned pretty much everything the same shade of dusty brown, and the massive pine trees felt like Christmas presents!

Campground Map shows the layout of the loop with the sites and facilities.

Proud Lake Campground - Row 1

This is the road down the first row of sites. Here you see the campground host in Site 1 on the left and the big motorhome is on Site 2 on the right. My site was toward the end of this row.

Proud Lake Campground - Site 19

This is me in Site 19, the next-to-last site on this side of the road before it starts curving around . You can see sites 23 and 24 along the edge of the tree-lined back. I had a beautiful view of a deliciously green hillside to the front of me and a fragrant pine tree on the side that gifted me with its scent as I was working at my desk with the windows open.

Proud Lake Campground - Site 108

On the other end of the campground, here are Sites 108 on the right and 55 (one of the paved sites) on the left. This shows how the middle row of sites back up to one another.

Honestly, at first I was a bit taken aback by this layout – I had never seen anything like it before. The first night there was a tent camper to the side/rear of me and I remember thinking they wouldn't like this layout if I had to run my generator, but of course since there are electric hookups, that wasn't an issue and I didn't notice any real problems with this layout once I got used to it.
Little did I know I'd be thinking about using my generator soon enough, but the electrical problems I had would have even prevented generator use. See blog about that exciting experience…

The sites on either side of the road on the edges back up to woodlands, but most of them seem generally smaller, some pretty steeply sloped, and more suited to small RVs and tents.

As I was walking around the loop at the other end, I met Dan & Diane in site 83, who have been camping here since their kids (now grown) were little.

What they liked when the kids were young and camping with them was that the campground was small enough for them to feel safe letting the kids roam around. Now that they're "empty nesters," they like it being close to home so they can come out for quiet alone times, especially during off-peak periods. They said they're tempted to try other state parks, but are just so familiar with this one and like it so much, they always end up back here.

It's hard to see in this picture, but that's Proud Lake across the road through the trees.

You can walk from the campground to get to the lake, where canoes are available to rent.  Fishing is also popular for all types of game fish and in April, it's stocked with trout.  The lake connects to the Huron River, and you could even paddle all the way to Lake Erie if you wanted to.

I had the chance to visit with Andrew, the Park Supervisor, and he told me what he was surprised at when he first visited this park was that no way you think you're only 25 miles from downtown Detroit. With 4,000 acres to explore, the big attraction of the Huron River, and trails galore, that was a nice surprise and a great bonus for locals and visitors alike.

Proud Lake - Site 11

Most sites are grassy, but a few have concrete pads, like this Site 11.

Andrew said this side of the park is preferred by groups because the sites are a little larger and the terrain is not as sloping as on the other side.


CampButton   General Campground and Reservations Information:

There is an additional $8.00 charge to make a reservation, and I found the DNR Reservations page to be pretty user friendly. There are complete descriptions of every site, including dimensions, maximum size of vehicle, sunny/shade, etc. If you click on "View Availability on Maps" button after entering your reservation requests, you'll be able to see the layout of the campground with available sites marked.

When I first arrived, I was assigned site #42, which appeared to be level enough, but when I tried, I couldn't quite get there. Since I'd just had some refrigerator issues, I knew leveling was important for it to work right, so I wasn't going to chance it. I then noticed they had me down as a 25' motorhome, so when I went back to the office, Kelsey and Christina were great about finding me another site that worked for my 36'.

I noticed the last review in July 2010 mentioned the bathrooms needing upgrading, and even though I always use my own RV facilities for showering, etc., I did check them out and I had no problem with their cleanliness at all. Andrew said they are slated for upgrade in 2012, and explained the hot water system. It's an "on demand" system, so instead of having a large tank with water kept heated, you need to run it a bit to get it hot, but after that it would stay that way throughout to provide a nice hot shower.

Reviews from other RVers:

More on Proud Lake area at Malia's Miles blog.



GPS coordinates of registration station for campground checkin:
42.56020° N
83.52380° W
Elevation: 971 feet



Right-Wrong Way signDirections problems: Streets & Trips gives the location of the campground as 3500 Wixom Road. Since I had previously learned my lesson about administration office vs. campground, I got the location of the campground from Andrew. He said to use 2700 Glengary Road on the GPS. That worked, but be aware of how both Streets & Trips and Garmin maps can lead you astray.


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