Presque Isle Hike

Presque Isle is about 25 miles from Union Bay Campground where I was camped.  It is most definitely a must-see while visiting Porcupine Mountains State Park.  In fact, I loved it so much, I had to see it twice!

Presque Isle - Me at steps

Here I am resting before tackling the first set of steps – I've been told there are several hundred of them, but thankfully they're not all at once and are spread out between magnificent views, making every step worthwhile.

Presque Isle - bridge

I just love suspension bridges!  This one had great views from on the bridge as well as underneath it.

Presque Isle - circles

View from the bridge – I literally gasped at the beauty of this place!  This was my favorite – those crazy shapes, circles & semi-circles. A couple I met here said these are only visible when the water is not running as heavy – in spring when the runoff is heavier you don't see them. I'm so glad I was here at this time of year, then!  (September 2011)

Presque Isle - rock walk

On the other side of the bridge, follow the trail and you get to an area where you can walk safely on the boulders and get close to the little falls.

Presque Isle - boardwalk

Seeing the same view as you saw from the bridge from a different vantage point was great. Here you can also see a couple on the boardwalk.

Presque Isle - Orange water

The colors just didn't seem real here. A nearby sign explained, "The amber-colored water of the river and the persistent foam that you notice beneath the waterfalls, is largely the result of tannins and other water-soluble plant compounds that wash into the river as it journeys to meet Lake Superior." I still say it's just plain magic!

Presque Isle - Me

Where the Presque River meets Lake Superior, there's a beach where I took a break, removed my hiking boots and socks and just relaxed cooling my feet for a bit.

Presque Isle - Manido Falls

Manido Falls – In the Ojibwa people language, Manido means "spirit" or "ghost."

Presque Isle - Manabezho Falls

Manabezho Falls – named by the Ojibwa for their powerful spirit-god.  A couple I met here said "it's like a meditation just walking around here."  I couldn't agree more!

Presque Isle - Me Cooling Heels

Another great cooling of the heels.  Any time I had the chance to stop, soak in all the beauty and my feet at the same time, I took full advantage.

The views just keep you going and distance just doesn't matter. All in all, it's just a 2 mile hike, though.  Even so, I started at 12:45 and didn't get back to the car until 5:30 – but can you blame me for taking my own sweet time?


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