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lakefront site 91

Sites fronting on Lake Superior

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2017 Update: I heard from a frequent camper friend I met here and who lives in the area that so much of the park has eroded and returned to the lake.

She said the area where the benches were and the first row of camping sites are gone and the area is roped off because of continuing erosion.

I’m sure the park is still great, but that still made me so sad to hear! But I’m thrilled I was able to see it when I did and I still look forward to seeing it again some day!

My Visit – August 18-25, 2011: My favorite feature of this campground was the front row seats for Lake Superior moods and sunsets.  But even if you aren’t camped on a lakefront site, there are many places to sit and enjoy the lakeshore from the bluffs above or the sandy beach below.

McLain - Beachfront sites 98-103

Icon-plus  The Pros:  These sites in the front row from 98-103 have the most open and expansive views of Lake Superior..

Icon-minus  The Cons:  These sites have little space between sites, no buffers at all between neighbors, and take the brunt of the winds when they are a’blowin off the lake.

Front lakefront sites – pan of Lake Superior from Campground

McLain State Park - Donna & Richard

I met two fantastic folks from nearby Calumet in Site 101. It was fun to get to know them around a lakefront campfire – at sunset yet!

Donna and Richard moved to the area from LA about 8 years ago. I remarked about what a culture shock that must have been and they laughed and agreed, but said there has not been one day of regret about their decision. How many of us can say that?? They say the whole Upper Peninsula is just one big park full of fun, winter and summer!  I quoted some of their other remarks on my Upper Peninsula page.  We became fast friends and I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing them when I return – and return I will because I really fell in love with this park!

McLain - Lakefront sites in back starting with 72 on left

View of row of lakefront sites starting at the back with Site 72.  You can see how there’s a buffer of trees between the road and the sites along this part.

McLain - back lakefront row from site 88

Moving toward the front of campground starting with #88. You can see how it starts being more open with less trees in front of the lake here.

Most popular/requested site:

McLain - lakefront site #85

Site #85 gets the prize!

View of lake from site 85It’s a nice sized site with lots of space between it and the sites on either side and a clear view of the lakefront directly in front. But it’s still sheltered from the wind a bit more than those on the very front part.

I met Nathan who has been here several times from Wausau, Wisconsin; his whole family has always liked camping here. They appreciate the paved pads, nice & clean bathhouse, and love having the beach so close, and yet the trees give more privacy. What else could you want?

McLain - Lakefront sites from #82

This view starts with Site 82 and looks toward the back

My most coveted sites would have been #92, #93 and #97, but they had to remove these as useable sites due to the erosion of the bluff and the potential danger of these sites being engulfed by Lake Superior.

McLain - Site 92 - gone

Former Site #92

McLain - Former site 93

Former Site #93

(former Site #97 in front)

McLain - Former Site #97

To me, former Site #97 was the cream of the crop.  I could sure enjoy living here for a while!





For more information on this ever changing lake, see Moody Lake Superior page.

I have pictures of most of the sites, so if you’re interested in seeing something else in particular, please post as a comment and I’ll add them here.  Thanks!

Campground Button General Campground Information:
98 Total Sites – Campground Site Map showing layout

Most interior sites are heavily wooded. Sunnier sites are on the Lake Superior side, but there are still trees between some sites. No pull-throughs in any loop.

50 amp electric service was not available on any site during my visit.  Some sites in the third loop (at back) have to share electric boxes, so in some cases you need a 100′ extension cord.

Make a Reservation Online.  Campsites may be reserved up to 6 months in advance of arrival date. The lakefront sites go immediately, so be quick!

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