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Dates of my visit:  August 18-25, 2011


One of the things I really appreciated about this campground is how beautifully wooded it was, yet still so easy to have a front row seat for the shows that Lake Superior gifts us with!  Because of the topography in places, some of the interior sites also have glimpses of the lake.

 McLain - Entrance to Campground

Entering the campground looking down the first row of sites.

McLain - Site 26

This is me in Site #26. I was one of those that could see the lake from my motorhome windshield because of how high it sits.  I also appreciated being close to the front with easy access to the shores of Lake Superior.

It took some maneuvering, but I was able to situate the RV so I could get TV from my rooftop DirecTV satellite dish. The only thing I didn't like about this site was that it really had no buffer at all between the two sites on either side and at some point, my neighbors right outside my door had a full "compound" of tents and tables along with full clotheslines hanging all over the trees. Due to the way the electric box was situated and shared with that site, I had to park closer to this side for my electric cord to reach.

Site 26 - interior of campground but still has view of lake

But the view from my motorhome windshield was great: I looked out onto Site 25, but since nothing bigger than a tent ever camped there, I pretty much always had this view. And even though Site 25 is not lakefront, there is nothing in front of it to mess up the view. As you can see from the Site Map, there are no sites on the lakefront in front of this section.

McLain - Road by sites 57-58

Farther down and more heavily treed, this row starts with Site 58. The sites are generally larger and farther apart in this section and only back here are the site themselves paved.

McLain - Site 70

Row 71 is the next interior row over.

Most popular/requested sites:

McLain - Site 39

According to the workers I talked to at the ranger station, as for interior sites, the ones along this row (39-42) are the most popular because they're large, spaced far apart with nice grassy areas between the sites.

McLain - Site 43

Site 43 on the other side of the road is a favorite interior because it's wooded and more by itself and secluded.

I have pictures of most of the sites, so if you're interested in seeing something else in particular, please comment here and I'll add them.  Thanks!

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