Mackinac Island Scenes

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Some of my favorite scenes, houses, hotels
and inns on Mackinac Island

(not counting Grand Hotel
of course!)




As I said on my main Mackinac Island page, I walked, biked and took a carriage ride around the island during the three days I visited there.  I never did really get my fill or see everything I wanted to see, but I made a good dent and still dream of returning again…Somewhere in Time…

Here are some other pictures I took along the way of things that struck my fancy – and fancy Victorian style fan that I am, I was in heaven!

Main Street Inn

Main Street Inn is right across from where I got off Shepler's Ferry

Lilac Tree Hotel - Mackinac Island

The Lilac Tree Hotel is nearby, also on Main Street

By Harbor

Some beauties across from the harbor

Metivier Inn

Metivier Inn

Harbor View Inn

Harbor View Inn

Lago Vista

Hotel Iroquois

Windermere Hotel

Windermere Hotel

Unknown Inn

I don't know if this is a house or inn, but I just liked it

Saint Anne

Sainte Anne Church

Little Stone Church

Little Stone Church

Menehune Church

And I think this is a Menehune church!  (But they're called rock cairns here)

Me & Garden

This is a garden in a private house – I want to live here!

Polsteam cargo ship

This Polsteam cargo ship was a modern-day reminder

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