Mackinac Island

Mackinac - State Park Sign

Mackinac Island had been a dream destination of mine since I saw the movie "Somewhere in Time" – because of that, the Grand Hotel was the main attraction.  But I was delighted to discover that the entire island was utterly fascinating and so much more than just the location of that fabulous hotel.

This small island is just under four square miles and allows you to step back into a time prior to those first noisy and sputtering Model T Fords and other "horseless carriages" that began populating the roads after the Grand Hotel was first built in 1887.  Cars have been banned here since 1898.

Until I saw this sign and then looked it up on Mackinac, I didn't realize that 80% of  Mackinac Island is within the Michigan State Park System.  Actually, when Fort Mackinac closed in 1895, Mackinac Island became the country's first state park!  In fact, it was the second national park after Yellowstone in 1875.  But the National Park Service deemed it not significant enough for a national park, so they deeded it to Michigan for a state park (Wikipedia). 

No bridge can span this trip back in time, so the only way to get there is by ferry or boat, small private plane into the Mackinac Island Aiport, or by these public charter services

Mackinac Island State Harbor

Mackinac Island State Harbor

Fort Mackinac from Shepler's

I chose Shepler's Ferry and really appreciated their level and frequency of service. This is the view approaching the harbor where the ferries dock.  That's Fort Mackinac in the background – truly a must-see during your visit!

Arrival on Mackinac Island

From the moment I stepped off the ferry, I was enchanted with the fact that you could walk down the streets accompanied only by pedestrians, horse drawn carriages and bicyles.

Mackinac Bike




There are numerous bike rental vendors, but I was glad I elected to bring my own bike over on the ferry. During this first visit, I biked around the island to get a feel of the layout and just take in all the beauty along the way. 





Grand Hotel Luncheon



I was still teasing myself with long- awaited anticipation of my visit to the highlight of my trip – the Grand Hotel.

The next time, I treated myself in grand style to a truly grand luncheon at the Grand Hotel!




Buggy Ride on Mackinac Island


I never rented a carriage to drive myself, but there are over 600 horses on the island, and at the time of my visit, they outnumbered the number of fulltime human residents of the island (between 500-600).  Mackinac Island Horse Drawn Carriage Tours is the oldest and largest horse and buggy livery in the world and the official tour of Mackinac State Park.



Mackinac Island Carriage Tour




I did enjoy the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour after my feet got worn from walking and my butt got sore from bike riding,



Wings of Mackinac





Although it took me three visits to do even pieces of what I really wanted to see, Wings of Mackinac is another must-experience, especially for butterfly lovers like me.



kayak rentals on Mackinac Island



I saw this sign by the Shoreline Trail offering kayak tours and I think that would be a great time, too.



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