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Get up close and personal with Indian Lake – lakefront property is one of my favorite perks of RVing anIndian Lake - Site map icond this park delivers that in fine style!  

Indian Lake South – Modern Campground Site Map

(click for full size map from DNR)

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Indian Lake - Site 68 - road

As you round the corner coming to the lakefront sites, the lower numbers sit higher on a bluff.  The site on the left is 68.

Indian Lake - Site 64

Site 64 is next to one of the paved paths with steps leading to the lakeshore.

Indian Lake - Site 75 - path to lake

Further down the road, Site 75 is adjacent to another path.

Indian Lake - Site 88

Site 88 is one of the more shady ones.  A frequent camper here told me he preferred having the buffer of trees to protect from the winds that sometimes whip through here.

Indian Lake - Site 96

Site 96 is very popular due to its large size, big shade trees and is close to bathhouse.

Indian Lake - Site100

Site 100 is more open and the slope is becoming less.

Indian Lake - Site 110 - handicapped

Site 110 is fully paved and is handicapped accessible.

Indian Lake - Site114

That's lucky me in Site 114.

Indian Lake - Site118

By the time you get to Site 118, you're much more level with the lake.

Indian Lake Site 124

Although the Site Map makes it look like sites 120-128 are also lakefront, the larger black line indicates there is a road between the site and the lake.

Indian Lake - Site127

These sites are also smaller and closer together.

Indian Lake - Site129 - corner

Rounding the corner moving away from the lakeside.

Short panoramic scan of peaceful Indian Lake from lakefront sites in morning when fog was on lake:

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All Michigan Miles Indian Lake pages:

General Campground Info Lakefront SitesInterior SitesPicture Requests
Palms Book – Kitchitikipi


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