Harrisville State Park Campground – Interior Sites

Harrisville - bike path


Modern Campground
Interior, Woodsy Sites

Dates of Visit: July 1-5, 2011



While the beachfront sites are the most popular, there's also something to be said for the quiet tranquility of the shady woodsy sites, too. It's certainly quieter in this area compared to the beach where more people congregate and kids are playing.

Harrisville - Row 193

This shows the road with #193 on the left and one of the bath houses on the right. The blue numbers indicate a site with 50 amp electric service.

Harrisville - Site 133

This is another 50 amp site, #133, also a really large pull-through.

Harrisville - Site 140

Site #140 is not technically a pull-through since #63 enters from the road on the other side. On the other side of that road is #64, one of the beachfront sites.

Harrisville - Site 150

This row starting with #150 impressed me with how shady and quiet it was here.

Harrisville - Site 172

This row, starting with #172, is more open, but still heavily treed.

Types of sites: ♦ BeachfrontInterior

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