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Harrisville - Beachfront View from Motorhome


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Beachfront Sites

Dates of Visit:  July 1-5, 2011


As I made my way up the east coast, this was the first campground I stayed at that had sites that are beachfront property. And this was the first time I got to camp right on the beach in Michigan!

Harrisville - Site51

The beachfront property of the campground begins with Site 51 on the southeast end.

Harrisville-Site 77

This is what the road looks like along the beachfront row. Site 77 is on the right.

This guy parked his trailer on the very edge of the site horizontally to give himself more beach fun room for a dining tent, chairs around the campfire, etc. Nice that the width of some sites give you that flexibility.

Harrisville - Site 68

I was so jealous when I saw this motorhome in Site 68. Pulled in with big windshield facing the water, satellite TV setup – what a great site! This seems to be one of the largest ones on the beach, too.

Harrisville - Site 91

So when I was expressing my envy to the Park Supervisor, Dave, he told me a beachfront site had opened for one night and did I want to go to all the trouble to move just for one day/night? Are you kidding?? In a heartbeat!smiley - trophy

This is Site #91. I was more than happy to stay home that entire day and just watch the water, the seagulls and kids playing…thanks so much, Dave – you're the best!

Harrisville - Site 103

Site 103 is hands down one of the most popular sites. It's at the very end of the beachfront on the northeast side.

I met Lori here, whose grandparents starting camping here in the 30's, so she says this is her favorite park because "it feels like home to me." Her daughter, Meg, was visiting today with puppy Buddy in arms and other doggy love abounding. Meg makes the 4th generation of their family's MI campers!

This was an important meet for me because Lori is a virtual encylopedia about camping in MI and was so friendly and free with sharing great info. We sat at the picnic table with her maps and books and my itinerary and we figured out that we'd be meeting up again at Brimley State Park. Her hubby, Doug, was fantastic, too, and I really look forward to seeing them again. I love that kind of synchronicity!

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