Historic Hotel

The old hotel at Fayette was my favorite – perhaps a little spooky, but that's part of it's fascination.

Fayette - Hotel

As I passed by it for the second time, I saw Randy, the Park Supervisor and he asked me if I wanted to see the upstairs part not yet open to the public.  Spooked or not, I jumped at that chance!

Fayette Hotel - Randy

It was so interesting to see and hear what they’re working so hard to accomplish here against a lot of adverse conditions, financial considerations not being the least of them, of course.

I really enjoyed visiting with Randy and his love for this park is obvious and contageous.  He began work here in 1989 as a ranger and said it is a totally unique park – the combination of the Michigan state park system and the historic aspect of the site and buildings doesn't compare to anything else.  I agree!

Later, Randy really became my hero when I lost my keys on the grounds and he wound up having to drive me back to Indian Lake and helped me break into my RV.  See Malia's Miles blog about Best Intentions and Keys Lost for that saga.

Fayette - Hotel collage

Interior shots

Historians have found few photographs, inventories or other documents that describe the hotel interior.  The building itself has yielded the most valuable clues.  Physical evidence such as furniture shadow marks, original fixtures and paint layers provide important information used to interpret the hotel.

Fayette Hotel staircase

I tried to picture what this beautiful wooden staircase looked like when it was new and polished.

Fayette - buildings & wagon

Side view of Hotel


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