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Walking along the beautiful paths at Fayette, you will find many historic buildings to tour.  From their brochure:  "Fayette offers visitors the unmatched serenity of a Lake Michigan harbor, white dolomite bluffs and verdant forests.  This well-preserved museum village recalls a time when it was a noisy, bustling mining town with an immigrant population that shared daily hardships, joys and sorrows."  My comment: no dry, boring museum-like atmosphere here – this is the real deal!

Fayette - Trail around buildings

There are informational signs and even some interactive displays to further explain the past purposes of the buildings.  Some of them are shared below.

Fayette Buildings - Cabin

Working Class Neighborhood

"On the west side of the point, toward the sand beach, was a long row of log houses, occupied by the poorer classes of workmen." – Snail-Shell Harbor, 1870

Park staff reconstructed this laborer's cabin based on archaeological research, historical documents and the examination of an original Fayette cabin.

Fayette Buildings 2

Machine Shop

Here is where Fayette's industrial equipment was maintained.  Power machinery, used to manufacture equipment parts, was driven by steam piped from the furnace boilers.

Fayette Buildings 5

Company Store

In 1870, the 3 story warehouse on the left was built next to a wood-frame store. The right section replaced the wooden store in 1886. Both burned in the 20th century.

Fayette Buildings 9

Old Company Store – Interior Ruins

Fayette - warehouse locations

Warehouse Locations

Four warehouses stood on a wharf off this point of land.  Steam barges imported general supplies, machinery and bricks to Fayette and departed with cargoes of charcoal iron.

Fayette Buildings 13

Furnace Complex

Here, the heat, roar and odors of the smelting operation merged with the shouts of men, whir of engines and shrill scream of steam whistles.

Fayette Buildings 12

Furnace Interior

You can "meet" some of the people who lived and worked here through pictures and stories, as well as seeing how their surroundings looked back then – the furnishings, dress, etc.

Fayette Buildings 7

C.J. Bellows, M.D.

Fayette Buildings 10

D. Dupont, Barber


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