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General Information & Attractions:

Pure Michigan – Michigan's Offiical Travel and Tourism Site: Welcome to Michigan, a place where to-do lists and busy schedules stop screaming for our attention.

Michigan Lighthouses (Pure Michigan)
More than 115 Great Lakes lighthouses form a stellar constellation along the Michigan coastline, guiding sailors and capturing imaginations.

Michigan Lighthouses Map (Michigan.gov)

Michigan Map – Highlighting Regions (Pure Michigan)
Select by city or region to go to features and attractions by area.

Michigan Waterfalls (Fishweb.com)
Waterfalls are listed by closest city or town.

Upper Peninsula:

Isle Royale National Park (NPS.gov)
Explore a rugged, isolated island where wolves and moose abound, far from the sights and sounds of civilization. Surrounded by Lake Superior, Isle Royale offers unparalleled solitude and adventures

Upper Peninsula (Pure Michigan)
Deep woods laced with streams and waterfalls sweep across 300-plus miles of mostly wilderness, Michigan’s northernmost territory, and three of the Great Lakes almost surround it, inspiring four seasons of compelling outdoor activities.

Upper Peninsula (UPTravel.com) – Official U.P. Travel and Recreation Association website
Michigan's Upper Peninsula presents attractions unmatched anywhere. You can explore the depths of a mine, a shipwreck, climb to the top of a lighthouse, explore a colonial fort, and hear the roar of mighty waterfalls. And that’s just for starters.

Mackinac Island:

Mackinac Island (Pure Michigan)
Mackinac Island is the truly "all natural" theme park of America.  Limited to transportation of horse and buggy, bicycle or foot, surrounded by water, it has escaped the vast changes of time.  When you step off the Island Ferry Dock, you will be in a living Victorian village.

Mackinac Island.org – On Mackinac Island every day is timeless, every night precious.

Public Parks and Campgrounds:

Camping & Recreation (Dept. of Natural Resources)

General Camping Information (Dept. of Natural Resources)

Parks and Trails (search by area)

State Park Campsite Amenities & Fees

National Parks (Michigan)


Private Campgrounds:

Michigan RV Parks & Campgrounds
Camping in Michigan Regions: UP, Northwest, Northeast, West Central, East Central, Southeast, Southeast

MichCampgrounds.com (ARVC-Michigan)
The Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds directory is updated regularly and is intended to help you locate campgrounds, review their accommodations, choose and ultimately follow directions to the facility.


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