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The whole reason I started my websites when I started fulltime RVing in 2001 was to share information with other travelers. I love having a design now that allows comments on every page so that we can all benefit from each other’s experiences.

I hope to collect your tips and feedback on the Michigan Miles pages you read.  Here are a few of my favorites comments, either from Facebook, on the blog or by email before I got this site ready:


“What an excellent spokesperson for Michigan.” Morgan Sherburne (Petoskey News): – Facebook comment re: ABC news interview

Your site is extremely helpful, you did a great job! I wish there more sites out there for other campgrounds!!! Not just the “generic” sites and pictures.  Your pictures helped us decide which sites we will book.  (Michelle C. email)

“Malia I am loving your web site! The info and pic’s for each visit are fantastic! Info on a few new places for Doug and I to visit! We end up camping on lot 10A at Straits S.P. instead of Wilderness…. All because of our last chat! We also checked out Hoeft last week!..See your an inspiration for us Michiganders too!” (Lori – Facebook)

“MI wasn’t on my “to see” list when I start traveling, but now it is. Thanks for the tours and information. Well done!” (Darrell email)

“Gotta say I’m totally loving your posts and photos and everything about your adventures. It makes my ‘ol Michigander’s heart go pitty-pat. Can’t wait ’til you get to Mackinaw, Traverse City and down the Lake Michigan side!”  (Kit – Facebook)

“You have visited many of our favorite places and each is spellbounding…thanks for driving through – Pure Michigan should hire you!” (Don – Facebook)

“Michigan was not even on my ‘radar’ of place I want to go. With all those visited you have shared, it is definitely one of the states that will be at the top of my list. I might even do a “Malia been here” tour of Michigan.”  (Richard – Canada re Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum)

“I can’t wait to read your next entry.  You are doing your usual great job of taking us along for the journey.”  (BJ -email)

“First want to say wow you sure are brave and I admire you for having courage to travel all over the world and I’m sure that many of us woman who have befriended you are inspired by you to also find ours. Now to also tell you thank you for your friendship on here and for making this able to all of us so we can see more places we otherwise may not get to see.and for my husband and I to view the parks we are going to.”



Lake of the CloudsRE: Porcupine Mountains

“Malia, I just want to thank you for putting so much information on your webpage about Michigan. It makes planning so much easier for my trip there next summer. … We are planning a trip from Muskegon north along Lake Michigan shores to the UP and along the Lake Superior shoreline. After reading your posts, I can’t wait to see it.” (Mary – Facebook)
“I have just spent several hours reviewing your web site. So very interesting with so much important information! I see you are currently at one of the more beautiful, and there are many, places in MI – Porcupine State Park. Be sure to see “Lake of the Clouds” while you’re there. It’s awesome!”  (Judy email)

“Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your website.  My wife and I took close to the same Michigan trip this summer. We were going to stay in Petoskey for a couple of days and ended up staying two weeks. We did not get to Porcupine Mt. but plan to do so on our next trip based on your recommendations.”  (Rob email)

Malia, after visiting the UP for only about 10 days last fall, I feel the pull from Michigan again too. I hope to explore more this summer.  By the way, your Michigan pages are really great. They are the main reason I decided to go there. Thank you so much.  (Mary – Facebook)

Plan on checking out the Porcupine Mountains and Lake of the Clouds when we get back in Michigan, believe it or not but we have never been there but after reading your blog it is on our bucket list!!  (Viola – Facebook)

Thanks so much for posting the photos and information about the Michigan state parks on your website. It was a big help while planning a camping trip to Porcupine Mountains.  (Helen – email)

Bond Falls - smallRE:  Bond Falls

“i need to stay in michigan and visit my own state. your pictures are beautiful.”  (Dick – Facebook)

“Two words ‘Beautiful and Awesome.’  You do know that you’re making my bucket list a lot longer.  You can be my travel agent.”  (Deanna – (Facebook)

“Such beautiful pictures, Malia.  I agree with Deanna, I want to go there next year.”  (Mary – Facebook)

“Richard and I are putting this on our ‘must” list.”  (Donna – Calumet re Presque Isle)

“This is amazing, Malia. I have never been up to Lake Superior.  I am thinking I need to go!!  (Kellie – Mackinac re Lake Superior Sunsets)


 Tunnel of Trees Fall Colors Collage

RE:  Fall colors (Tunnel of Trees)

“Thanks for bringing Michigan’s fall to me here in Texas!”  (Vi – Facebook)

“You brought back so many memories! thank you for sharing your trip with us.  Beautiful!” (Grace – Facebook)


“Teaching Photography, I have to say that you have a great eye which is demonstrated in these beautiful photos of my home state. Thank you so much for sharing these.  And I love your comments, too!”  (Jeannie – Facebook)

Upper Peninsula:

“Hard to leave the place in the world that is closest to God’s own heart. Gotta love the UP.”  (Bruce – Facebook re: my saying how hard it was to think of leaving the UP)


Facebook comments:

“You are making me remember the beauty of summers in Michigan!”  (Viola)

“I have been reading about your trip to Michigan. It sounds wonderful. I would like to try it next summer. Thanks for the webpages and Facebook updates.”  (Mary – Wisconsin)

“That blue water is just incredible! We’ll have to check this out next year!” (Sandy re Mirror Lake)

“Great pics on your Malias Miles website! I’ll have to add this spot to my travel itinerary.”  (Fel re Brighton)

“… is so fun peeking in on your adventures.. such a cool thing you get to do.. you are blessed.” (Diane)


My comment on the day that I left Michigan on November 1, 2011:

“It was hard to sleep last night thinking of leaving MI today – it’s been such an amazing summer! I don’t remember ever being moved by an entire state as a whole – it’s sights, the greatest lakes in the world, and especially its people – anywhere else I’ve been.”

Thanks, Michigan!

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