Brimley State Park

Brimley State Park - entrance sign
Beautiful Beach Views and Sunsets

Dates of Visit: July 26 – Aug. 4, 2011

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One of the oldest state parks in the Upper Peninsula, Brimley was established in 1923 with just 38 acres. Now it comprises 160 acres with about a mile of sandy beach frontage on Lake Superior's Whitefish Bay.

The title of this page tells what I think are the best things about Brimley State Park. Each night I was there, I was blessed with the sunsets pictured below (which don't even begin to capture the panoramic beauty of these sunset shows)!

Brimley State Park sunsets

This was my greeting sunset on my first night.  The vibrant blue behind the fluffy, cottonbally clouds was still intense as the sun was making its way under the next layer of golden clouds – then the sliver of light illuminating the lake on the horizon…in terms of diverse beauty, this was one of my favorite sunsets ever!

Brimley State Park Sunset

But then as I experienced more of these displays, it became harder and harder to pick favorites – they were all just spectacular!  The couple walking down the beach helped set a more romantic tone.

Brimley - Sunset Kids

On a different night, I enjoyed watching these kids take advantage of every sliver of light to keep playing and having fun.

Brimley - Sunset Dog

On my last night, this golden sunset was visited by this woman and her Golden Retriever!

Brimley - Beach Family

Not nearly as dramatic in broad daylight, families enjoyed the sunshine and swimming all throughout the day.

Brimley - Playground

View from beach into playground with campground further inland.


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Other neat things I did while at Brimley:

Soo Locks – Sault St. Marie   ♦  Soo Locks Boat Tour

Many campers I met here took day trips to Tahquamenon Falls to the north, and also to St. Ignace or Mackinaw City (also to get over to Mackinac Island) to the south (about 50 miles apart either way).


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