Brighton – Downtown


A Day in Downtown Brighton

June 26, 2011



When I was getting to Bishop Lake Campground at Brighton State Recreation Area, I drove down Main Street through Brighton's downtown area. I was so taken with how happy the town looked celebrating summer with the massive hanging baskets from the lamp posts that lined the street, once I got set up at the campground, I made a beeline back here to have lunch and explore further.

Brighton - el fresco dining

I started at this end of the street and although I love these kind of restaurants with "el fresco" dining option, it was just too hot that day to eat outside.

Mill Pond entrance

As I continued down the street, I came to Mill Pond Park which I hadn't seen when I first drove by, so it was such a pleasant surprise for my eyes!

Brighton - Main Street

Here's looking at Main Street from Mill Pond Park. Not only the colorful baskets, but the artwork and other flowery displays make this such an appealing walk.

Brighton - Mill Pond birds

Then I saw you could walk all around the pond where ducks vie for the food thrown by the kids.

Brighton - Mill Pond Bridge

Again, these colorful baskets line the entire bridge. Here you can see Main Street across the pond. What a precious town – I just loved my day here!

Brighton Cemetery - small sign


And one day just was not enough. I came back again to explore more on the other side of the bridge and walk along the extended boardwalk.

See Malia's Miles blog post about the Brighton Historical Cemetery.



Brighton - balloon fest


I also attended my very first balloon fest while I was in Brighton.

See Malia's Miles blog post about the Michigan Challenge Balloon Fest.



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