Bishop Lake Campground – Upper

Bishop Lake CG - sign   Bishop Lake Modern Campground

          (Upper Campground)

      Brighton Recreation Area

                Dates of visit: June 18-28, 2011


What are the differences between the Upper Campground and the Lower Campground?

Upper: Shadier; more heavily treed. No toilet/shower building on this level. There's an easy paved path through the campground, but you need to go up/down stairs to get to facilities.

Lower: Closer to and more accessible to the lake and to the toilet/shower building.


(See Campground Map for site layout)

Brighton - Row 1 - Upper CG

This is the first row, with Sites 1 & 3 on the left and 4 on the right.

The sites on the right are back-ins to wooded area. The ones on the left are the "island" row, where sites back up to each other (but staggered so they're not exactly back to back).

Brighton - Site 41 - Upper CG

Here I am in Site #41.  I loved this large site and how it had great trees, but still with an airy open feel and soothing views of greenery all around.

Me at CG at Brighton

This is one of the sites that are non-reservable from the reservations system. I appreciate how some MI parks keep a limited amount of sites withheld from the reservations system for "walk-in" guests or for emergency purposes. So it won't hurt to stop by and take your chances if you're passing by and would like a nice MI state park experience.

Sites 24 & 26 - Upper CG - Brighton

Sites 24 & 26 on the curve backing up to greenery with some views of the lake through the trees.

Brighton Upper Campground - weekend

This is the walkway that goes to the lower loop. The first site you see here is Site 7 on the left and the water station on the right. Lots of sites will have combos like this – some RVs and some tents filled with families having fun.

One of the things I started noticing, especially once school let out, was the drastic difference in the way the campgrounds look and feel on the weekend vs. weekdays.

When I was talking with Mike Donnelly, the Park Supervisor, about this, I told him how I loved the contrast – having the quiet spaciousness during the week and then the sounds of the happy clambor of camping families on the weekend. And I shared how jealous I am of kids who have these "back to nature" experiences with their parents, something that was certainly not a part of my being raised in New Orleans. Mike really could relate since he grew up in New York City, and he says one of the things he loves most about his job is the ability it gives him to work outdoors – he says he's definitely not interested in working in cramped little grey cubicles.

We both remarked on how friendly and open RVers are and he said he loves to meet and visit with the campers. "This job does wonders for my blood pressure…most days…"  I could sure relate to that! 

Campground Button General Campground Information:

144 Total Sites – Campground Site Map showing layout (no 50 amp service available as of 2012)

Make a Reservation Online.  Campsites may be reserved up to 6 months in advance of arrival date. The beachfront sites go immediately, so be quick!

Michigan's Recreation Passport is necessary for entrance and/or camping here: FAQs

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