Bishop Lake Campground – Lower

Bishop Lake CG - sign Bishop Lake Modern Campground

(Lower Campground)

Brighton Recreation Area

Dates of visit: June 18-28, 2011


What are the differences between the Upper Campground and the Lower Campground?

Lower:  Closer to and more accessible to the lake and to the toilet/shower building.

Upper:  Shadier; more heavily treed. No toilet/shower building on this level. There's an easy paved path through the campground, but you need to go up/down stairs to get to facilities.


(See Campground Map for site layout)

Brighton - Lower Campground Entrance

This is the entry row to the lower campground, with Site 69 on the left and the lake straight ahead

Bishop Lake CG - Site 84 (lower)

At the end of the row on the right is Site 84.

Brighton - Bishop Lake

Bishop Lake boaters and quacky residents.
Canoes & kayaks can be rented at the office.

Brighton Lower Loop - Site 84

Site #85 on the bend and with the door opening on the water side, seems like the best site in this loop in my opinion. Nice lakefront property, huh?

Bishop Lake CG (lower) - view from lake

View of the campground from the lake. As you can see, some very nice trees, but mostly open area and easy to navigate through.  Site 130 is on the right hand side of the road here – another very popular site close to the water.

Campground Button General Campground Information:

144 Total Sites – Campground Site Map showing layout (no 50 amp service available as of 2012)

Make a Reservation Online.  Campsites may be reserved up to 6 months in advance of arrival date. The beachfront sites go immediately, so be quick!

Michigan's Recreation Passport is necessary for entrance and/or camping here: FAQs

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Inside the State Park:

Bishop Lake Complex
Bishop Lake Campground – Lower
Bishop Lake Campground – Upper
Brighton Stable & Equestrian Campground

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