Brighton Recreation Area


  Bishop Lake Complex

  Howell, MI

    Dates of Visit: June 18-28, 2011



Besides the Bishop Lake Modern Campground, which has an upper loop and a lower loop of RV and tent sites with electricity to each site and water available within the loops, Brighton Recreation Area also has two rustic campgrounds, as well as an equestrian campground (also rustic) and riding stables run by Brighton Recreation Riding Stable. Also part of the complex is the facilities at Bishop Lake beach area, which we're going to visit now.

Brighton Recreation Area path

With a great path winding by the lake, you can spend your day walking or biking, have a picnic lunch enjoying the views, rent a canoe or kayak…

Brighton -Bishop Lake Beach

…or just laze out on the beach…

Brighton - Bishop Pier

…or walk over to the fishing pier (designed for ADA compliance) – don't forget the sunscreen!

Brighton - Bishop Lake Beach 2

There are also shady oasis spots…

Brighton - Boat Ramp

Pass the fishing pier and you'll come to the boat launch that can be accessed from the campground…

Brighton - Trail

…via a shady trail from there with access to both the upper and lower campground.

Brighton - Turtle

Or drive to the campground from the entrance on Bishop Lake Road and be properly welcomed by this very cool turtle!

As the second park on my tour around Michigan, this was a great introduction for me to Michigan's great state parks.  I really enjoyed my time here, and this was also my first introduction to Geo Caching.  Park Ranger Chris Kargel showed me how it works and what one of the caches around Brighton looks like.

Brighton - Geo Caching

I Sad Travel Bugdove in and got me a trackable "Travel Bug" and set it on a journey to meet me back in Austin, Texas.  He was placed on June 24, 2011 but he dropped off the radar on January 1, 2012, having traveled a total of over 3,100 miles.  He was last seen in Florida, still 951 miles from me.  Here's his tracking number: Travel Bug – KN5F68 – anybody know where my little bug buddy is?  Bummer if I never see my first trackable again!  🙁

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