Indian Lake – Picture Requests

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I periodically get requests from readers for pictures of other campsites at Indian Lake, so here goes.  If you have any particular requests, please ask in comments below if I have them, I’ll post here.

July, 2015 request from Lori Greenthal:  Would you happen to know if site 133 backs up to site 125 or 126? The map is hard to tell.

Besides the one pictured below, here is the second shot I have of Site 133:

133 - side view

July, 2015 request from JoAnn Baker:

129 - corner

Site 129 – on corner

130 - secluded

Site 130 – secluded


Site 131

Request from Ken:

Site 72 - Indian Lake State Park

Site #72

Comment from Lori on main Indian Lake Page:

So glad I found your website! Thank you for taking the time to compile all this great info! I am heading to Indian Lake State Park the week of July 4th. We are going as a group. Could you provide a picture of site 116 and 114? I’ve been told you can walk right out to the lake. Also, are you able to reserve the ADA sites even though you are not in need of one? Thanks in advance for any helpful info you can provide!

My response:

Lori, I really appreciate your nice comments.  It is a lot of work, but it’s just the kind of info I look for when trying to decide on a campground or site and I’m happy to provide it to others.  I can tell you that I did like Site 114 – that’s me in it on the Lakefront Sites page.  🙂  Here is link to a new page I started for Picture Requests.  I’ll include another view of it there and a picture of 116 also.  I’m sure your group will enjoy your stay!  As for reserving ADA sites if not qualifed, I’m willing to bet they won’t do that, but you should confirm with DNR Reservations online or by phone at 866-561-9703.  Just out of curiosity, I entered your dates and a couple more but no such reservable sites were available.

Thanks again!

Site 114 - Indian Lake State Park

Site 114 – far view
(ADA Site 113 seen empty)

Site 116 - Indian Lake State ParkSite 116


For Wayne in comments below:

Site 132 - Indian Lake State Park campground

Site 132

Site 133- Indian Lake State Park campgroundSite 133

Road between Sites 133-134 - Indian Lake State Park campground

Road between Sites 133-134


5/21/14 – Comment from Jeanelle on Lakefront Sites:  Hi, this site is amazing! We will be going for 3 nights in August with our two boys ages 7 and 5. Would site 124 or 125 be ok for our 19 foot hybrid? I think the area across the street would be fun to playing for them. Is that possible? Also, can you swim right there as well? Thanks so much!

My response:

Hi Jeanelle,

First, thanks for the compliment!  I really enjoyed my time there and am happy to share information with other campers.

Although this page has some pictures of the area you asked about, I have added pictures of Sites 124 & 125 to the Picture Requests page, so take a look.

I noticed the link I provided to the site map has changed to redirect to the main reservations page, and I could not easily find the site map now, but I don’t think they had size restrictions on it anyway.  If I were you, I’d contact the campground (906-341-2355) to answer your questions to make sure.  I’m not sure if you can book directly with them or not, and I don’t remember seeing any swimming while I was there, but they would be most knowledgeable for these kind of questions.

Wish I could have been of more help, but I know you’ll enjoy your stay!

Indian Lake - Site 124

Indian Lake - Site 125

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I'd love to hear your own experiences about places I've been - and what you think are "must-sees" - and I really value any suggestions and feedback from readers, so please let me have your 2 cents in Comments below:

  • Wayne

    Really enjoy your UP campground and other info. We love the UP!

    Our family will be staying at Indian Lake on 3 sites later this summer. I was wondering if you have pictures of those sites. They are 132, 133, and 134.

    Thank you very much.


    • Thanks for the compliment, Wayne – and I love the UP also (as you can probably tell)!

      I posted the pics I have above. I did not have an individual picture of 134, but you see the road and where 134 is in connection with 133 across.

      I know you’ll enjoy your stay at Indian Lake, and I’d sure be interested in your feedback after your stay!

  • Ken Anderson

    Coming up June 16-19. Site #72. Any chance you’d have time to take a few pictures? Thanks.

    • Hi Ken, I posted the only picture I have of #72 above. I’m not at the park anymore, so can’t take any new ones, unfortunately. 🙂

  • Lori Greenthal

    I love the pictures of the sites. Thanks for taking the time to do this for others. Would you happen to know if site 133 backs up to site 125 or 126? The map is hard to tell. Thanks

  • Lori Greenthal

    Hi, Thanks so much for taking the time to help other campers. I was wondering if you knew if site 133 backed up to site 126 or 125. it is had to tell on campground map. Thanks